What Is This Black Soot On Your Candle Jar??

What Is This Black Soot On Your Candle Jar??

When you burn a candle and as it makes its way burning down the jar do you ever notice dark, black soot on the jar? Or if you have ever noticed black/grey stains on walls or ceilings? Sometimes ever after you blow your nose? I know gross right!

If this is happening or has happened to you, you need to stop and take a look at the candle you're burning or if you are taking the correct measures when lighting your candles.

First and foremost its probably the type of wax your candle is made from. A huge bulk of the candles we buy as consumers are made from paraffin wax which is a non renewable resource and derived from petrol! Yes you have read that right - majority of us basically burn petrol in our homes in the forms of scented and really pretty candles. Paraffin wax candles emit harmful vapours and produce carcinogens.

The most frustrating thing about these candles is they burn very quickly, don't hold the scent very well and not all of the wax will burn completely or evenly! Not to mention the amount of people who complain about their allergies being triggered by scented candles.

Soy wax is a renewable resource which burns much cleaner, clearer and because being non toxic that makes it non hazardous to your health! Soy wax is biodegradable which is better for the environment and if you spill it don't panic. It can be cleaned with just warm soapy water. More Candles also burn 25-50% longer and releases fragrance a lot more steadily and even. You can see our collections here https://more-candles.com/

I chose soy as a consumer about 3 years ago mainly for my own health benefits and I was sick of the fire alarm going off because of all the smoking from other candles - cough cough rhymes with spankee... Because of those reasons just ignited a passion in me to produce my own inexpensive soy candles and now especially I have a newborn at home has my mind at ease ensuring my house is a little bit safer air purity wise.

That's that folks hope you enjoyed my first blog post on my website, hope you found the information useful and if you have any questions you can email, find me on social media @morecandlesdublin or pop a message through the website. you can also shop here https://more-candles.com/collections/more-collections

Lots of More Love 


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