I'm Shauna and I'm really proud to introduce myself as the founder of More Candles. Like a lot of households, candles have always been a big part of my family life growing up and we never needed an excuse or a special occasion to light one, be it a cosy night in relaxing in front of the TV or lighting a candle to let someone know you are thinking of them (exam kids, you know what i'm talking about) . 

As someone who is extremely lucky to have survived two blood clots in both of my lungs. (They still carry some damage from this) I always try to find out different ways to help my body and be the healthiest version of me .

I have always been conscious to the fact of seeing black and soot around the edges of my candles so I looked up tips on how to get a cleaner burn and it helped a little but I wondered why there was still a lot of it and from doing research I found that it was from the type of wax candles I was buying.

That's what peaked my interest in soy as its a renewable resource and it also gives a fantastic burn with importantly no nasty toxins. When I started on this adventure it was just for my own personal hobby and it was a nice thing to give to family and friends as a personally made gift, but my passion grew and that's how ''More Candles'' was created.

People always ask me why the name? Well as a self confessed shopaholic whenever I would come home from a shopping trip I would be greeted by my parents or my partner and when I would proudly retrieve my candle out of the bag to my despair ''MORE CANDLES?'' would be ringing through the air. So this is how More Candles became my company name.

My motto is simple; ''Why More? You can never have enough''